Single Request Point

The purpose of a single request point is to have a single endpoint for all the services offered by the b2b platform, and each service is determined by the action type property and the service type property.




Authorization string This is already described in the authentication section.


action_type string This is the action type code of the action you wish to perform.


  • 200


Please note, apart from the action_type property, all other properties required for each of the individual services are expected to be sent along as part of the body request. Below is a list of all the services currently on the single request endpoint.

Action ServiceAction Type Code
List all billerlist_all_billers
List various biller categorieslist_billers_category
List billers in a categorylist_billers_in_category
Purchase Airtimepurchase_airtime
Purchase Data Bundlepurchase_databundle
Purchase Cable Tv Subscriptionspurchase_cabletv
Purchase Epinpurchase_epin
Purchase Electricitypurchase_electricity
Account Details Verifieraccount_verifier
List Airtime Providersairtime_providers
List Data Bundle Providersdatabundle_providers
List e-Pin Providersepin_providers
List Electricity Providerselectricity_providers
Fetch Data Bundles Bouquetsdata_bundles
Fetch e-Pin Bundles Bouquetsepin_bundles
Fetch Multichoice Bundles Bouquetscabletv_bundles
Fetch Multichoice Addons Bouquetscabletv_addons
Fetch Balancetransaction_balance
Query Transaction Statustransaction_requery