Bundles & Subscription Providers

This endpoint allows you to get the list of data bundle and subscription based plan providers and their service type code.

GET https://payments.baxipay.com.ng/api/baxipay/services/databundle/providers

Get list of Data Bundle Service Providers

We have the below as data bundle providers for now except for Dstv showmax which is a cable tv subscription based plan similar to Netflix.

  1. Mtn (service_type: mtn)
  2. Glo (service_type: glo)
  3. Airtel (service_type: airtel)
  4. 9Mobile (service_type: 9mobile)
  5. Smile (service_type: smile)
  6. Dstv Showmax (servicetype: dstvshowmax)
  7. Spectranet (servicetype: spectranet)



Baxi-date string Describes the current date and time.

Authorization string See the authentication page.


  • 200