Renewal / Free Entry / BoxOffice

This is the renewal or free entry amount for dstv, gotv and startimes

This is the advisable and the most preferred option by multichoice for customers who are already enjoying a plan and want to only carry out a monthly renewal plan.
It is very important that this option is first presented to the user except in the case where the user wants to carry out a change of his/her current subscription plan.

This endpoint is used for:

  1. Subscription Renewal
  2. Free Entry Purchase
  3. Box Office Purchase


It is required that a name validation must be carried out as described on the previous page. The below items are expected to be displayed for a user in the case of a renewal which is retrieved during the user details validation to aid the user experience.

  1. The name of the user ("name" property)

  2. The current subscription plan of the user ("currentBouquet" property )

  3. The due date of the current plan ("dueDate" property)

  4. The expected renewal amount to pay ("outstandingBalance" property)

The "outstandingBalance" is the expected amount the user is required to pay for a subscription renewal to happen. However:


PLEASE NOTE: That the customer should be allowed to pay a different amount other than the amount returned as the outstandingBalance. This is known as the free entry.

This field should be editable for customers to pay more or less. This action will only top up the customer's wallet.

For the Purchase

POST {{ BASE_URL }}/services/multichoice/request


This is the endpoint to call for a subscription renewal on either a DSTV, Gotv. This endpoint also works for a startimes top-up as well.



Authorization* string See Authentication page

Content-Type* string application/json

Accept* string application/json


isBoxOffice boolean This is an optional property that should only be added only if the
account is a box office account only.

total_amount* string This is the "outstandingBalance" of the user or any choice (free
entry) amount the user wants to pay.

product_monthsPaidFor* string This value is retrieved from the invoicePeriod received from the
rawOutput property

product_code* string This must be "0" for free entry, renewals or, box office.

service_type* string This can either be "dstv" or "gotv" or "startimes"

agentId* string This is your agent id.

agentReference* string This is your unique generated reference to identify the

smartcard_number* string This is the smart card number of the customer.


  • 200 The response is similar to all other response for purchases.
    "status": "success",
    "message": "Successful",
    "code": 200,
    "data": {
        "statusCode": "0",
        "transactionStatus": "success",
        "transactionReference": 201,
        "transactionMessage": "Cable TV Subcription successful",
        "baxiReference": 1463046,
        "provider_message": "true"