Collections APIs Overview

The Onafriq Portal provides web-based access through which customers can send and receive payments to Onafriq's partners: banks, mobile network operators, and cash-pickup agents across Africa.


The Portal APIs

  • You do not need a software engineer to do the integration for you, in order to use the Onafriq portal. But, the Portal also provides APIs that you can use to automate your payments. You will need software engineering resources to use the Portal APIs.
  • The Portal APIs were historically called the Beyonic APIs.
  • The Portal APIs power Onafriq's Collections APIs - you may see these two used interchangeably in this document.

The following sections provide detailed descriptions of the Portal APIs. We have two main methods for the key functions:

Payments (reserved)

This is used to create outgoing payments to send money or airtime from your business to a recipient.


The Portal Payments API is reserved - use it only if you need the following features.

In most cases, you should use the Payment APIs.

Use the Portal Payments API ONLY if:

  • If you need special features like maker/checker approvals, retries, withdrawal fees or sub-accounts
  • If you are already using the Portal to disburse payments
  • If you are sending payments to a location that is not yet fully supported by the Hub Payment APIs.


This is used to receive incoming payments from mobile money wallets to your business and trigger a collection from someone who owes your business.

The collections API has two main methods:

  • Collection requests method - for triggering a collection from a consumer
  • Collections method - access incoming payments that you have previously received from consumers

Supporting APIs

There are supporting APIs to provide you with all the other information that you will need including getting your transaction history, pulling the available networks and banks, creating contacts, and registering webhooks to listen for updates to transaction events.