E-Pin Service Providers

Below is a list of E-pin providers and their service types.

Each of the providers has various bundles for their pin services similar to data bundles.

ProviderService TypesDescription
GLOgloPin is used for airtime subscription
9-Mobile9mobilePin is used for airtime subscription
BulkSMSbulksmsPin is used for SMS purchase on smsclick.com
WAECwaecPin is used for checking of results
SPECTRANETspectranetPin is used for purchasing data bundle

GET https://payments.baxipay.com.ng/api/baxipay/services/epin/providers

This endpoint retrieves all the list of service providers for epin.



Authorization string See authentication page


  • 200
    "status": "success",
    "message": "Successful",
    "code": 200,
    "data": {
        "providers": [
                "name": "9 Mobile",
                "service_type": "9mobile"
                "name": "Glo Nigeria",
                "service_type": "glo"
                "name": "WAEC",
                "service_type": "waec"
                "name": "Bulk Sms",
                "service_type": "bulksms"
                "name": "Spectranet Nigeria",
                "service_type": "spectranet"