Communication Protocols

Async Payouts use the following connection protocols.


The API uses a REST web service interface which is an architectural style, and messages format is based on JSON.

Communication Channel Options

Communication between the Hub APIs and the partner's systems passes through a secure SSL connection.

Most partners connect over SSL/HTTPS.

However, some partners may be contacted by Onafriq to integrate over VPN. In such cases, we use IPSec at the network layer to protect and authenticate packets between the Hub firewall and third-party IPSec devices, thus ensuring data confidentiality, integrity, data origin authentication, and anti-replay.


Web service messages are transferred over an HTTPS channel whether no-VPN or a VPN is used. An API key is required for Communication over HTTPS without VPN. This adds a layer of security on top of the SSL layer. The HTTPS channel is deployed on the AWS API gateway. VPN connection uses IPSEC VPN to connect to the Onafriq Hub.