Purchase Airtime

This endpoint allows you to purchase airtime for any or the network types.

POST https://payments.baxipay.com.ng/api/baxipay​/services​/airtime​/request

Purchase Airtime

Service Types: (can be mtn, airtel, 9mobile, glo)

  1. mtn - MTN Nigeria
  2. airtel - Airtel Nigeria
  3. glo - Global Comm.
  4. 9mobile - 9 Mobile



Authorization string See the authentications page


agentReference string This is a unique key generated by integrator (you) to identify transactions. This
has to be unique per transaction.

agentId number This is a numeric number given to the business as an identification number.

plan string This can either be "prepaid" or "postpaid".
Only "prepaid" services are offered for now by all mobile telecoms.

service_type string This is the service code type of the airtime service provider you want to use.
This field can be (mtn, airtel, 9mobile, glo).

amount number This is the amount you want to recharge to your phone.

phone string 11 digit mobile number you want to recharge. e.g. (07035361770)


  • 200 status: The success status means the transaction is successful.

                                                   message: Just a description of transaction status. 
                                                   data: has an object property.
                                                  statuscode:   "0" means the transaction is successful.
                                                 transactionStatus:  Response from the service provider.
                                                 transactionReference:  This is the transaction reference
                                                 generated by our B2B platform. This is the transaction 
                                                 reference you need to do a re-query of the said transaction.
                                                 tranasactionMessage: successful message response.                                       
"message": "Successful",
  "code": 200,
  "data": {
    "statusCode": "0",
    "transactionStatus": "success",
    "transactionReference": 1,
    "transactionMessage": "Airtime Topup successful on 07035361770"