Cable TV Providers

We only have three cable tv providers, for now, two (2) of which are powered by Multichoice Ltd namely DSTV and GOTV.

DSTV - (service_type: dstv)

GOTV - (service_type: gotv)

STARTIMES - (service_type: startimes)

Each of these providers offers a variety of bouquets similar to bundles in internet data purchase.

And on each bouquet, customers can choose (optional) to add a special package called (Add-ons) alongside the bouquet selected for dstv and GOTV only. E.g A bouquet maybe for the family package, and an add-on may be an Indian Movie station.

Each bouquet type is uniquely identified by a code, and users can choose to pay for more than one month.

For Multichoice services which are DSTV & GOTV, the integration process allows for three (3) different operations.

  1. Name Validation

  2. Subscription Renewal / Free Entry

  3. Change of Subscription Plan

// Test Smartcard number
DSTV - 4131953321
GOTV - 2005129242
Startimes - 02110144711


! Please note that the direct price gotten as a response from the bouquet retrieval requests is the only
acceptable amount to be used and configured for multiple months as sometimes discounts may be
available on pricing if more than one month is being subscribed to. DO NOT multiply the unit price of 1
month to get the price for 2 or more other months. For example
1-Month may be priced at: N2000.
2-Months may be priced at: 3800.