Quick Start

Can't wait to dive in? Follow the 6 steps below to get started.

Sign Up Steps

  1. Sign Up for an Onafriq account.
  2. Login and get your API Token by clicking your user name on the bottom left of the left sidebar menu and selecting ‘Manage my account’ from the dropdown menu. The API Token is shown at the very bottom of the page.
  3. Download the appropriate client library from the links in the “Client Libraries” section of this reference.
  4. Using your API token and the library, connect to the API.
  5. Identify the methods you need to use. See the “References” section of this reference.
  6. Profit!

Activating Your Accounts

Your funds are stored in accounts, or wallets, that you can then collect into or pay out of. Before you can start transacting in real currency, we need to verify your KYC documents. After verification, the account in your preferred currency will be activated for use. While testing, we do have test currency accounts available.

Domestic vs. Cross Border Integrations

We currently provide two different types of accounts based on how you want to transact. If you are collecting and sending money within a country, then we provide you with a local wallet for that currency. If you are transacting in one or more local currencies but want to fund and settle your account in a single currency, then we will provide you with a cross-border wallet. Transactions against cross-border wallets have additional fields for foreign exchange information. For a few of the methods, there are extra parameters if you are working with a cross-border wallet. These are indicated in the docs.

What’s Next

Next, learn about how to access the APIs