Retrieve Bouquet Addons

Retrieve a list of add-ons for a particular bouquet.


This Endpoint should only be used/called for a change of bouquet or subscription plans only, otherwise, the customer should use the subscription renewal (Free Entry) option.

What are addons?

As the name implies, it is added (on top of an existing bouquet).
Imagine you visit a restaurant to order a meal of fried rice, or maybe pizza. Then you can ask for several extra toppings like, chicken, salad, beef, soft drinks alongside your meal. These toppings are called Addons.


Retrieve Addons on a bouquet.

Retrieve a list of add-ons for a particular bouquet.



Authorization string See the authentication page.


product_code string This is the unique code of the selected bouquet. This is used to fetch
the addons designed for that bouquet only.

service_type string This is the cable tv service type.
(dstv, gotv)


  • 200 The response is similar to the retrieve provider bouquets.
    Each Object is a bouquet type containing:

                                                                 - availablePricingOption: An array containing a list of objects 
                                                                     - monthsPaidFor: Number of months.
                                                                     - price: Price for that number of months specified above.
                                                                     - invoicePeriod: Invoice period covers.
                                                                 - code: Identification code for the bouquet's addon.
                                                                 - name: This is the name of the bouquet addon.
                                                                 - description: Description for the addon.
"status": "success",
  "message": "Successful",
  "code": 200,
  "data": [
      "availablePricingOptions": [
          "monthsPaidFor": 1,
          "price": 5050,
          "invoicePeriod": 1
          "monthsPaidFor": 2,
          "price": 10100,
          "invoicePeriod": 1
      "code": "ASIADDE36",
      "name": "Asian Add-on",
      "description": " "
      "availablePricingOptions": [{.OPT...},{.OPT.},{.OPT..}],
      "code": "ADDON-CODE",
      "name": "ADDON TITLE",
      "description": "ADDON DESCRIPTION"