API Differences

Payouts and Payins currently use different protocols and authentication mechanisms. In most cases, you will need to integrate with both APIs, so this section discusses their high-level differences.

API Differences

Compare the main feature and technology differences between Payouts and Payins APIs.

Usually used byMobile Network Operators
Money Transfer Organizations
E-commerce use-cases
Bi-directional use-cases
Includes portal accessAccess reports in Portal- Access reports in Portal
- Initiate transactions in Portal
Supports funds disbursementsSync or AsyncAsync Only
Supports funds collectionsNoYes
Supports forex rates retrievalYesNo
Supports Webhooks (IPNS)YesYes
Supports retrieval of other objectsAccount Balance OnlyAccount Balances,
Contacts, Transactions, Currencies,
Networks, Banks, Events and others
Includes client librariesNoYes

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