This endpoint is used to validate customer name before pin purchase.


This service is now currently selling...

This is a pin service, similar to ePin as well, however with some very few additional changes.

There are various products under Jamb pin cards. The expectation is for the integrator to:

  1. Call the product endpoint to get the available products the user wants to make purchase for.

  2. Get customer name phone number for pin vending depending on the product selected.

  3. Make a purchase for the pin.


It is important to note that when making a pin purchase, You must ensure you use the phone number returned as response from the name validation during purchase under the "gsmNo" property.

POST https://payments.baxipay.com.ng/api/baxipay/services/namefinder/query

Get Customer Name/Validation



x-api-key* string Api key goes here using any of the means specified under


service_type* string This is the service you are validating for. i.e. "jamb"

account_number* string This is the candidates Jamb confirmation code. e.g. "9678528341"

product_code* string This is the product code fetched from the list of Jamb products. e.g.
"DE", "UTME" etc.


  • 200: OK Successful validation response.
    "status": "success",
    "message": "Successful",
    "code": 200,
    "data": {
        "user": {
            "name": "Emmanuel Amunike Michael",
            "address": null,
            "outstandingBalance": null,
            "dueDate": null,
            "district": null,
            "accountNumber": null,
            "minimumAmount": null,
            "rawOutput": {
                "firstName": "Emmanuel",
                "lastName": "Amunike",
                "gsmNo": "08000000000",
                "middleName": "Michael",
                "error": null
            "errorMessage": null